October 30, 2012
Development Consultants Ocean Grove

Development Consultants - Ocean Grove

In recent years, Ocean Grove has become the ideal location for land development. The rapidly growing market value of land within close proximity to the coast and the main street of town has provided great incentive for subdivision in the area. There are also quite a number of large blocks of land in the area with small or neglected dwellings that provide potential for development by land owners or prospective buyers.

As Licensed Surveyors and Development Consultants, Smith Land Surveyors has been involved in a variety of subdivisions in Ocean Grove. From 2 lot subdivisions with existing dwellings to multi lot subdivisions with heritage overlays and strict planning requirements we have provided our clients in Ocean Grove with a professional Development Consultancy service.

Our service begins with an initial consultation with our licensed surveyor to discuss in detail the full scope of the project. From here we provide a written fee proposal outlining all required services and the costs associated with them. Upon acceptance of our fee proposal, work begins immediately on the project and we generally anticipate having most subdivisions completed within a 6-12 month time frame depending on the requirements of the job.

To contact one of our development consultants please call our office on 5222 1234 or you can contact our licensed surveyor directly on 0429 198 202.  Alternatively, you can send us an email or arrange an appointment to come in and see us at our office located at 2/4 Mercer Street, Geelong.