August 28, 2012
Land Survey for New Development

Subdivision Torquay

Torquay North is one of the Surf Coast Shire’s most recent areas of land that has been approved for development. One of the four proposed areas for subdivision in the Torquay North area is 90 & 110 South Beach Road, located between the Surf Coast Highway and Horseshoe Bend Road, on the southern side of South Beach Road. The subdivision includes two separate sites recently approved for a Primary and Secondary school amongst approximately 880 residential lots, a new street network and proposed areas for private open space.

Any subdivision in Victoria, whether 2 or 2000 lots, must involve a registered Licensed Surveyor to perform legally binding cadastral surveys which involve the process of determining the legal boundary of property. Smith Land Surveyors have recently been commissioned to provide these cadastral surveys required to subdivide the land at South Beach Road. Initial surveys have been completed to map the features of the land and it is anticipated that the staged subdivision will reach completion in approximately 7 to 10 years.