September 3, 2012
Geelong Construction Surveyors - Simonds Stadium

Construction set out - Geelong                

Simonds Stadium is Geelong's home of the AFL, where many thousands of footy fans from home and away have enjoyed watching Australia's favourite game. In 2013 approximately 10,000 more fans will be able to join in as spectators with a brand new southern stand currently under construction. This latest addition will also include new facilities for spectators at the ground and a Community Wellness and Education Centre which will become the hub for the Geelong Football Club's community programs.

Smith Land Surveyors have been appointed the role of construction surveyors to set out the pre-fabricated concrete structures that will form the new Southern Stand. A construction set out survey provides the necessary accuracy to ensure that the dimensions of a project's plan are translated to the ground. Set out surveys are completed for a wide variety of construction types, from residential housing to multi level high rise buildings, roads, bridges and tunnels.

As avid Cats supporters we are proud to be involved in this project and eagerly await completion of the new facilities in 2013.