November 15, 2012
Feature and Level surveys

Feature and Level surveys – Williamstown/Newport

If you are about to embark on a land development project within Victoria, a Feature and Level Survey is the first step you need to take in order to experience an efficient development and building process.

Ideally, a Feature and Level Survey should always be carried out prior to any plans being created by architects or builders as they provide crucial information in regards to the limitations created by the conditions of your property. Failure to do so can cause costly delays, unexpected expenses and frustration during the building process.

The survey will need to be submitted to your local council to meet the requirements of planning, building and subdivision permit applications. We have dealt with a range of councils including The City of Greater Geelong, Surf Coast Shire, Golden Plains Shire, Hobsons Bay City Council, Moonee Valley City Council, Brimbank City Council, Wyndham City Council and the Moorrabal Shire Council just to name a few.

At Smith Land Surveyors, we provide thorough and accurate Feature and Level Surveys to a range of clients including architects, designers, builders and developers. Our Feature and Level Surveys generally include the following information:

  • Contours
  • A.H.D. Levels
  • Existing building (including eaves, windows, ridges and floor level)
  • Sheds and other structures
  • Adjoining structures
  • Fences
  • Utilities and services
  • Driveways, kerbing & road features
  • Drains and sewerage
  • Significant trees (greater than 300mm in diameter)
  • Private open spaces

If greater detail is required we are always able to accommodate our surveys to meet your specific needs.

We provide our services across the Melbourne Metropolitan area as well as Greater Geelong and the Surf Coast.  Recently we have completed a number of surveys in the Williamstown and Newport area as this area seems to be an area of rapid growth and development.

October 30, 2012
Development Consultants Ocean Grove

Development Consultants - Ocean Grove

In recent years, Ocean Grove has become the ideal location for land development. The rapidly growing market value of land within close proximity to the coast and the main street of town has provided great incentive for subdivision in the area. There are also quite a number of large blocks of land in the area with small or neglected dwellings that provide potential for development by land owners or prospective buyers.

As Licensed Surveyors and Development Consultants, Smith Land Surveyors has been involved in a variety of subdivisions in Ocean Grove. From 2 lot subdivisions with existing dwellings to multi lot subdivisions with heritage overlays and strict planning requirements we have provided our clients in Ocean Grove with a professional Development Consultancy service.

Our service begins with an initial consultation with our licensed surveyor to discuss in detail the full scope of the project. From here we provide a written fee proposal outlining all required services and the costs associated with them. Upon acceptance of our fee proposal, work begins immediately on the project and we generally anticipate having most subdivisions completed within a 6-12 month time frame depending on the requirements of the job.

To contact one of our development consultants please call our office on 5222 1234 or you can contact our licensed surveyor directly on 0429 198 202.  Alternatively, you can send us an email or arrange an appointment to come in and see us at our office located at 2/4 Mercer Street, Geelong.

September 3, 2012
Geelong Construction Surveyors - Simonds Stadium

Construction set out - Geelong                

Simonds Stadium is Geelong's home of the AFL, where many thousands of footy fans from home and away have enjoyed watching Australia's favourite game. In 2013 approximately 10,000 more fans will be able to join in as spectators with a brand new southern stand currently under construction. This latest addition will also include new facilities for spectators at the ground and a Community Wellness and Education Centre which will become the hub for the Geelong Football Club's community programs.

Smith Land Surveyors have been appointed the role of construction surveyors to set out the pre-fabricated concrete structures that will form the new Southern Stand. A construction set out survey provides the necessary accuracy to ensure that the dimensions of a project's plan are translated to the ground. Set out surveys are completed for a wide variety of construction types, from residential housing to multi level high rise buildings, roads, bridges and tunnels.

As avid Cats supporters we are proud to be involved in this project and eagerly await completion of the new facilities in 2013.

August 28, 2012
Land Survey for New Development

Subdivision Torquay

Torquay North is one of the Surf Coast Shire’s most recent areas of land that has been approved for development. One of the four proposed areas for subdivision in the Torquay North area is 90 & 110 South Beach Road, located between the Surf Coast Highway and Horseshoe Bend Road, on the southern side of South Beach Road. The subdivision includes two separate sites recently approved for a Primary and Secondary school amongst approximately 880 residential lots, a new street network and proposed areas for private open space.

Any subdivision in Victoria, whether 2 or 2000 lots, must involve a registered Licensed Surveyor to perform legally binding cadastral surveys which involve the process of determining the legal boundary of property. Smith Land Surveyors have recently been commissioned to provide these cadastral surveys required to subdivide the land at South Beach Road. Initial surveys have been completed to map the features of the land and it is anticipated that the staged subdivision will reach completion in approximately 7 to 10 years.

July 30, 2012
Olympic Precision

GOLD for Land Surveyors at London 2012!

When it comes to achieving Olympic glory, one of the most important elements is accuracy in judgment. Have you ever wondered how they accurately measure the distance of a javelin or discus throw or a shot put? Well, if you look closely while watching the athletic events at the London 2012 Olympic Games, you will notice a number of yellow tripods with machines assembled on top scattered around the field. These machines are called Robotic Total Stations and are used by Land Surveyors to accurately locate co-ordinates and measure the distance and height between co-ordinates to the nearest millimetre.

At each of the throwing events a Land Surveyor will set up a tripod and Total Station behind the athletes starting position to record a base co-ordinate. The robotic element of the Total Station then comes into play as it is programmed to search for a reflection panel which accurately locates a second co-ordinate. In most cases, the reflection panel is attached to a mobile vertical pole and after each event; you will see an Olympic official with the pole in hand locating the exact position of where the javelin, discus or shot put has landed.

The Surveyor behind the Total Station programmes the robotic machine to robotically locate the reflection panel, once it has sited the reflection panel the Total Station then records an immediate and exact co-ordinate at the site of the pole. Now a distance can be measured between the co-ordinate of the Total Station and that of the reflection pole. The distance of the throw is then displayed on the machine’s screen and can also be electronically stored on the machines data card to be downloaded and saved by the Olympic officials.

So there you have it, without the skill and knowledge of the world’s Land Surveyors and the advances in modern technology, the modern Olympic Games would still be using links and chains to measure distance events at the Games.